We lift up your business while building ours.


Who are we?

Like the people featured in our stories, we are entrepreneurs. Founder Edward Hicks

is a writer and prize-winning reporter who started two newspapers in Cincinnati that published from 1985-1996.

How do we lift your business?

We bring customers to your door with custom written stories and a unique cross marketing platform.

What does that “cross marketing platform” consist of?

The platform currently consists of three pillars.

  1. 1.You post the story we write for you on your site, with a link to ours. Visitors to every other business then sees yours too.

  2. 2.You can record a short, separate but different interview on our YouTube channel.

3.Your story will be excerpted on our Facebook page, and promoted through Linkedin, Twitter, and social media yet to come.

What makes us different?

Unlike other publications, we treat all entrepreneurs as newsworthy.

We write the story that you want.

It can remain on the site indefinitely.

  1. You own the rights.

  2. We promote your story individually, as well as with the site.

  3. We offer a supplementary video product.

•  Our cost is among the lowest in the market.

How do I get my own story told?

Contact us by email, at entreprenews16@yahoo.com, or by phone at 901-336-4012.

Our mailing address:


P.O. Box 15772

Covington KY 41015